What is Half High Beef?

Simply put, it is the perfect grass-fed beef hamburger! We set off on a quest almost three years ago to produce the best and most unique beef in the Midsouth. We take our mission seriously and produce sustainable, pasture-raised, never-confined beef on a 6th generation family farm in Piperton, TN.

What makes Half High Beef special? We raise a hybrid breed for our hamburger that is unique to Half High Beef. By crossing a Scottish Highland bull (we call him Shaggy) with both Red Angus and Hereford cows we get an end product like no other. The Scottish Highland is a legendary grazer who converts native grasses to meat with special qualities. Highland beef is prized for its unique nutritional qualities and taste (the queen of England maintains her own herd of Scottish Highlands for royal consumption). The females bring the unrivaled taste to the table that Angus and Hereford cattle are known for.

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Piperton, Tennessee

Why Grass Fed? 

Here is where it really gets good. Our grass-fed beef are never confined to a feedlot or leave our farm. They thrive on the native grasses of our Piperton, TN farm and mature slowly and fully on pasture. It takes almost two years for grass-fed animals to mature. When cattle are shipped to feed lots and fed corn and feed “byproducts” (usually along with assorted growth hormones) it results in a totally different product.


6 Generations

Cows have been a part of RusDun Farms for 6 generations, and have been treated like family! 


Grass Fed

Why Just Hamburger? 

We set out to produce the best grass-fed burger you could ever purchase. By focusing just on hamburger, the buyer gets a premium product. Instead of using miscellaneous leftover cuts of beef to produce our burgers, we use the entire product. That’s right, even the premium cuts normally reserved for roasts, steaks, and brisket goes into our hamburgers. When you eat a Half High burger, you are getting premium hamburger like no other. 

Meet Shaggy

The Highland Bull

RusDun Farms, Piperton Tennessee

Does where cattle are raised make a difference? 

Yes! We raise our herd of approximately 30 females and one bull on land passed down for 6 generations. The herd has abundant native grass and clover constantly available. In the winter, they eat the hay we raise on our farm. They have a creek and hundreds of trees for shade in summer. We treat them with respect- and it shows. We care for our cattle, and are with them every day.

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